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First ever Queer Ken doll!!!! Barbie BMR1959

Mattel has launched in October 29, the Barbie BMR1959 collection which is a celebration of Barbie's sweet 60 anniversary!!!

The collection of 6 dolls wearing 90's themed clothing with a touch of the new "Hype" style...

The dolls and clothes are designed by Carlyle Nuera, who said in a live on his instagram that the idea came from his dream of being a designer of a clothing brand...

These dolls are soooooo fierce and so Stylish, and very very unique.

The star of this collection and the apple of collector's eyes is the Black Ken doll with green hair and androgynous makeup, totally hot, totally cool (as barbie's 90s commercials) and totally GAY AND QUEER !

All dolls comes with the fully jointed MTM body, and all outfits can be shared by all the dolls of this collection.

Take a look :

The whole squad!!!

Queer Ken - All shade and is pink!


Miss 90's diva
So groovy!

Spíce girls Shoes?? Yes!!! this Buffalo boots repro rocks!

This girl got "supreme" vibes...

Loving her shoes, this street look is awesome!

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Man bun

This guy is hot! His hoodies and the colors of his outfit are beautiful!

This girl is fierce! Look the hair and the blue shade! Purple lips for kill!

Plastic jacket? Is fantastic!

Zendaya, is you ? 

The race is on!!!